I'm David, this is my staircase renovation business.

I can transform your existing staircase into a beautiful, handcrafted oak feature for the fraction of the cost of a replacement staircase.

Using a specialised technique that I have developed over many years in the trade, I am able to completely cover or replace all the existing parts of your staircase.

While I manufacture all my own staircase parts (from the best quality American & European oak available) I also do all the fitting. So what you will get is me, and only me, from quote to completion.

All the images that I have uploaded onto this website are from staircase projects that I have completed in the last few years.

I have been renovating staircases in the north east for over ten years now, and have almost 30 years of experience in the joinery trade, working all over the UK.

I also enjoy painting and drawing in my spare time. Please check out my art website for more info. - dwalkerart.com 

Please email me to arrange a free quotation.